A classroom based training course led by an instructor approved by the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), in an interactive learning environment.

This course provides a thorough understanding of Business Continuity (BC), based on the Good Practice Guideline of the BCI (GPG 2013) and is the best preparation to the certificate of Business Continuity Institute examination (CBCI), a platform to access statutory membership of the BCI.

The course offers a solid description of the methods, techniques and approaches used by BC professionals worldwide to develop, implement and maintain an effective BCM program, as described in GPG 2013.

Who should attend?

  • BCI Certification Training is designed for those individuals seeking to complement practical experience in BC or a related field through some formal BC training based on the Good Practice Guidelines 2013.
  • More specifically, it is aimed at those professionals wishing to achieve an internationally recognized qualification in BC through the Certificate of the BCI Examination (CBCI).
  • It is the perfect choice for BC professionals aspiring to become a statutory member of the BCI, which provides internationally recognized status and demonstrates both professional and technical competency in BC.

The course covers

  • Takes you through the BCM Lifecycle step by step, which sits at the heart of good BC practice
  • Covers the six Professional Practices (PP) at Management and Technical Levels that make up the BCM Lifecycle, including
    • Module One: Policy and Programme Management (PP1)
      • BC Policy
      • BC Programme
      • Governance
      • Roles and responsabilities
      • Outsourced activities
      • Supply Chain Continuity
      • Documentation
    • Module Two: Embedding Business Continuity (PP2)
      • Organizational culture
      • Skills and competence
      • Training Programme
      • Awareness Campaign
    • Module Three: Analysis (PP3)
      • Business Impact Analysis
      • Threat Analysis
    • Module Four: Design (PP4)
      • Continuity and Recovery Strategies and Tactics
      • Threat Mitigation Measures
      • Incident Response Structure
    • Module Five: Implementation (PP5)
      • The Business Continuity Plan
      • Developping and Managing Plans
      • Strategic, Tactical and Operational Plans
    • Module Six: Validation (PP6)
      • Exercise Programme
      • Developping an Exercise
      • Maintenance
      • Review
  • Provides practical insights into all aspects pertaining to the development, implementation and management of a BCM program within an organization through the use of case studies and real-life examples


  • Based on GPG 2013
  • Written by experienced professionals from BC
  • Designed to meet highest levels in global practicing of BC
  • Reflecting the current global thinking in BC
  • Aligned to ISO 22301:2012 standard, the international standard in BC
  • Covering six modules, based on six professional practices of life cycle BC management
  • Providing an accepted reference against technical and managerial competencies of BC professionals can be efficiently measured and examined
  • Only taught by training partners under BCI licence, all experienced BC professionals


  • This course teaches you not only the “what” but also the “why”, “how” and “when” of BC good practices
  • It gives you knowledge and understanding you need to be able to exercise BC according to GPG 2013
  • It prepares you for examination of BCI Certificate, which leads to an internationally recognized qualification in BC and gives you the right to use the post-nominal designation CBCI
  • It is the platform for the statutory membership BCI
  • It provides practical guidance to best practices and to BC expertise by learning from best BC professionals in the industry
  • It meets current and future needs of BC professionals worldwide

Course delivery

Training to Good Practice Guideline from BCI is taught in classroom with an interactive environment to ensure maximum benefits to participants, under responsibility ofAbilene Advisors, as Training Partner under BCI Licence.

It is led by instructors specifically evaluated and approved by BCI, who are BC professionals, experienced and recognized, bringing the audience the richness of their real life experiences and expertise.

The course duration is 5 days maximum, depending on participants’ experiences and wishes and ended with certificate examination about 2 hours.

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