Understand crisis management issues to make decisions that are useful to the reputation and business continuity of your company.

In a time corresponding to the constraints of their position, the members of boards of directors, executive committees, steering committees will be able to become familiar with the reality of crises, their occurrence and their perimeter, thanks to an entrepreneurial approach adapted to their organizational plans. This awareness session will help them to make the decisions useful to a better protection of their environment, to choose the most appropriate technical, managerial and budget tracks.

  • All Executive Committee;
  • All Board of Directors;
  • Generally, any management team (company, association, foundation, NGO) which need to upgrade their knowledge in a limited time.
  • Prepare for the implementation of a crisis management system;
  • Understand the factors of occurrence;
  • Understand the occurrence of a crisis and its effects;
  • Understand crisis management concepts: Anticipate, React, Communicate, Debrief, Train.

2 hours:

  • The crisis, how and why;
  • The typology of crises;
  • Anticipate, React, Communicate, Debrief, Train, Success Factors;
  • Set up a crisis plan within your company;
  • Measure the impact of his commitment.
  • Awareness of the need to guard against crises;
  • Appetence for the material.
  • Presentation concrete examples;
  • Exchanges with participants.

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