This course is given by Dhanesh Kothari.

Empower participants with strategic decision making and assessment of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies.

This session explains how blockchain works under the hood in a top-down manner without technical jargons.

At the end of two hours participants will have a solid understanding of blockchain technology, it’s application (cryptocurrency as an example), current and future trends, various types of blockchains and much more.

The session builds up with various pieces one after another and then the whole picture emerges. All the key blockchain terminologies will be covered by mapping explanations to those terms.

Our Training Courses

  • Executives, expert professionals and decision makers.
  • Understand fundamental building blocks of blockchain technology;
  • Acquire knowledge about sequence of events that takes place;
  • Understand various types and its usages;
  • Understand different types of cryptocurrencies and its applications;
  • Understanding about how ICO works these days;
  • Learn about multi-asset tokens;
  • Gain a solid understanding of key terms;
  • Know about risks and challenges;
  • Get a high-level strategic decision making and assessment guide.
  • Blockchain
    • Transaction
    • Digital identity
    • Ledger
    • Validating transactions
    • Additional conditions
    • Transaction creation
    • Transaction broadcast
    • Verification
    • Post-verification
    • Wait
  • Cryptocurrency
    • What is it?
    • Token?
    • Differences explained
    • Anything but Bitcoin
    • Creation
    • Usage
    • Valuation
    • Monetary supply
    • Why cryptocurrency?
    • Who should print money?
  • Beyond
    • Digital assets
    • Wallet, vault, escrow
    • Single / Multi key access
    • Security
    • Types of blockchain
    • Current and upcoming Implementations
    • Applications of blockchain
    • With or without cryptocurrency
    • ICO / ITO / ISO / IxO
    • Usage in real life?
    • Crypto exchanges
    • Challenges
  • How to decide?
    • Business strategy
    • Unique opportunities
    • Try, adapt and scale
    • Unlock hidden assets
    • The future is here
  • Several years of professional experience with basic understanding of any type of transactions between two parties;
  • Highly curious, open and engaging mind.

This course is highly interactive:

  • Guided discovery method to demystify various pieces of technology;
  • Engage participants in a structured manner;
  • Entire explanation with relevant examples as case study
  • Practical exercises to help decision making in participant’s business or professional context.
  • An interactive, top-down explanation of blockchain technology which is carefully designed with specific target audience in mind. A highly engaging session without any presentation material by applying guided discovery method to cover this complex subject in a simplified manner.
  • Also covers different applications, challenges,
  • cryptocurrency, ICO, multi-asset token, current and future trends.
  • This session is not meant to cover:
    • Is blockchain required or not for your business?
    • What is the business case for migrating or introducing blockchain?
    • Which crypto will give 100x returns in one year 🙂

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