Become a Master of Audits with the World-Class Audit Course that teaches you everything about auditing techniques.

• Designed to provide an in-depth understanding and elaboration of various techniques and audits in Information Security;
• This course focuses on improving the auditor’s performance during audit mandates, including but not limited to the preparing, conducting, and closing an audit;
• Prepares auditors to plan, perform, and close an audit successfully by embracing advanced techniques, internal controls, sampling methods, evidence gathering, evidence evaluation, etc;
• Based on best practices including ISO 19011, ISO/IEC 17021, and other relevant audit standards.

  • Experienced auditors that have already finished a Lead Auditor course;
  • Auditors who would like to have a more in-depth knowledge about advanced audits and various techniques;
  • Technical experts seeking to advance the auditing skills in various fields;
  • Expert advisors of various industries.
  • Understand what makes a professional audit report;
  • Identify key barriers faced in audit mandates;
  • Understand and discuss the impact of internal controls in the audit program;
  • Understand and apply the components of auditing, planning, risk, materiality and evidence gathering;
  • Embrace various techniques on file preparation, evaluation of audit evidence, sampling methods, and the documentation of internal controls.

Day 1:

  • Auditing and Reviewing Policies
  • Auditing and Reviewing Information Security Responsibilities
  • Auditing Mobile Devices and Teleworking
  • Auditing Human Resources Security
  • Auditing Assets
  • Auditing User Access Management

Day 2:

  • Auditing and Reviewing User Responsibilities
  • Auditing System and Application Access Controls
  • Auditing Cryptographic Controls
  • Auditing Secure Areas
  • Auditing Equipment Security
  • Auditing Operating Procedures and Responsibilities

Day 3:

  • Auditing Protection from Malware
  • Auditing and Testing Backups
  • Auditing and Testing Monitoring and Logging
  • Auditing Operational Software
  • Auditing and testing Technical Vulnerabilities
  • Auditing Network Security

Day 4:

  • Auditing Information Transfer
  • Auditing Information Systems
  • Auditing Development and Support Processes
  • Auditing Incident Management and Response
  • Auditing Business Continuity
  • Auditing Agreements and Third Parties
  • Auditing Legal Compliance

• PECB Certified Lead Auditor Course (or equivalent).
• Comprehensive understanding of audit principles and the relevant Management System.

  • The “PECB Certified Audit Masterclass” exam fully meets the requirements of the PECB Examination and Certification Programme (ECP). The exam covers the following competency domains:
    • Domain 1: Fundamental principles and concepts of an audit
    • Domain 2: Preparation of an audit
    • Domain 3: Conducting an audit
    • Domain 4: Audit evidence controls and techniques
    • Domain 5: Closing an audit
    • Domain 6: Addressing ethics, liabilities, and rules of conduct
    • Domain 7: Leading an audit team
  • The exam is available online, please refer to PECB Exams User Manual ;
  • Duration: 3 hours;
  • A certificate will be issued to participants who successfully pass the exam and comply with all the other requirements related to the selected credential.

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