Global macro arenas, corporate strategy and risk management.

This course is given by Dr. Sven Behrendt and Christopher H. Cordey.

This workshop will provide an entry point into a strategic conversation about the consequences that outcomes in global macro arenas could have for the performance of companies. Their global operating environment has become increasingly complex, given the tight interconnectedness of the global economic and political systems. Commercial institutions need to transform the perspective of a diffuse global environment into a strategic perspective on global risks and opportunities.

This workshop will address the most important macroeconomic and political risks that companies are currently facing. It will provide an introduction to global macro risks, illustrate how macro risks compromise key performance indicators, enable participants to locate their companies in its operational environment, and suggest tools and concepts that allow companies to better navigate an uncertain risk global risk environment.

Our Training Courses

  • Senior Risk/Strategy/Compliance managers with an interest in the strategic nature of macro risks;
  • Public Affairs, Corporate communication & Sales & Marketing Senior managers;
  • Members of supervisory board in charge of strategy development.
  • Understand key drivers at work within “global macro” risk arenas;
  • Develop an understanding of the concepts linking “global macro” with corporate strategy;
  • Acquire the necessary expertise to integrate “global macro” into corporate risk management and strategy development.

Day 1 :

  • Introduction of “global macro” as a key concept in positioning a company in its operational environment;
  • Presentation of “global macro” arenas, both as a source of risk and opportunity;
  • “Deep dive” into a select number of “global macro” arenas;
  • Group work of a case studies;
  • Discussion of case studies;
  • What’s next?
  • Sessions of lectures illustrated with examples based on real cases;
  • Practical exercises based on case studies including role plays and oral presentations.
  • A certificate of participation is issued at the end of a day of course really and fully followed.

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