Developing more effective risk management capabilities.

This course is given by Dr. Sven Behrendt and Christopher H. Cordey.

The concept of risk has gained traction over the past couple of years. But although companies have begun to integrate the notion of risk more rigorously into their policies, also responding to regulatory obligations, risk management in its different facets and manifestations remains a rather distinct or isolated task within corporate entities. The focus often remains on strategic, financial, regulatory, operational, or compliance risk in an isolated manner.

Risk transformation is about building a more inclusive and systematic approach to risk across an organization, enhancing its capabilities to take risks in a more deliberate manner, thereby sustaining its competitiveness. The objective of risk transformation is to embed the notion of risk across the enterprise and as such become a strategic asset.

This workshop addresses some of the basics of effective corporate risk management and looks at their different manifestations across an organization’s operational and strategic challenges. It suggests techniques by which an organization’s diffuse perception of risk can be transformed into a strategic perspective on risk. The result of risk transformation shall be the integration of business and risk strategies, and the alignment of the organization with a more comprehensive understanding or risk.

Our Training Courses

  • Supervisory Board members;
  • Members of management teams (C-suite members);
  • Regulatory and compliance executives;
  • Human resources;
  • Corporate strategy;
  • Corporate communications;
  • Sales and marketing;
  • Operations, supply change management.
  • Acquire the basic concepts risk management;
  • Develop an understanding for the different manifestations of risk;
  • Creating integrated risk management practices;
  • Applying concepts of risk to corporate realities.

Day 1 :

  • Introduction into different concepts of risk;
  • Different categories of risk: an overview;
  • From isolated to integrated risk management;
  • Applying concepts to practical realities;
  • What’s next?
  • Sessions of lectures illustrated with examples based on real cases;
  • Practical exercises based on select issues.
  • A certificate of participation is issued at the end of a day of course really and fully followed.

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