Understand cybersecurity issues to make decisions that help protect your business.

In a time corresponding to the constraints of their position, the members of boards of directors, executive committees, steering committees will be able to become familiar with the risks and challenges of cybercrime and the need for cybersecurity adapted to their organization.

This sensitization will help them to make the decisions useful to a better protection of their environment, to choose the most appropriate technical, managerial and budget tracks.

Our Training Courses

  • All Comex;
  • All Codir;
  • Generally, any management training (company, association, foundation, NGO) which need to upgrade their knowledge in a limited time.
  • Understand the interdependence of information systems and the business world;
  • Understand the reality of cybercrime, its global and local issues;
  • Understand the threats and risks faced by companies;
  • Understand the need for a strategic plan to increase the company’s cybersecurity;
  • Understand funding needs in cybersecurity;
  • Improve its ability to respond to cyber security incidents.

2 hours:

  • The ever-new technologies, interdependence and risk factor
  • Digital social networks, another risk factor
  • Cyber threats
    • Actuality of attacks against individuals and businesses
  • The fight against cybercrime
  • How to fight effectively
    • Anticipate
    • Act transversally, get out of the silos
    • Return information
    • Manage the crisis
  • Awareness of the dependence of companies on their information systems;
  • No technical knowledge is required;
  • Appetence for the item.
  • Presentation, concrete examples;
  • Exchanges with participants.

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