Acquire the basic knowledge necessary to raise the level of cybersecurity within an organization.

This intensive one-day awareness campaign allows employees of an organization to have the necessary knowledge in addition to an internal technical organization focused on cybersecurity. It leads the trainees to understand the good daily practices of computer hygiene and information systems. It leads to an improvement in the response capacity to cyber incidents.

Our Training Courses

  • Any employee within the company who uses digital tools;
  • Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge.
  • Understand how the internet works;
  • Gain a global understanding of information systems;
  • Understand the reality of cybercrime, its global and local issues;
  • Understand the threats and risks businesses face;
  • Develop good practices that contribute to the overall protection of the business;
  • Improve its ability to respond to cyber security incidents.
  • The Fundamentals
    • Introduction to the operation of the internet
    • Definition of cybersecurit
    • Definition of cybercrime
  • The ever-new technologies, interdependence and risk factor
    • Big data
    • Cloud Computin
    • Internet of Things
  • Digital social networks, another risk factor
    • A wide variety
    • Anonymizatio
    • Social engineering
  • Cyber ​​threats
    • Typology of cybercriminals
    • Typology of attack
    • Actuality of attacks against individuals and businesses
  • The fight against cybercrime
    • International texts (Budapest Convention, RGDP …)
    • International and domestic control bodie
    • Sovereignty constraints
  • How to fight effectively
    • Good practices for businesses and individuals
    • Feedback of information
    • Crisis management
  • Work in an environment using digital tools (computer, tablet, smartphone);
  • Appetence for the material.
  • Lectures, illustrated examples and exercises;
  • Encouraged participation of trainees.
  • A certificate of participation is issued at the end of a day of course really and fully followed.

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