Open Source Intelligence – The essential to investigate on the web

This one-day course will teach you the basic concepts of Internet research, explain the types of digital traces left by a user, and introduce you to the fundamental notions of cyber threats and your own protection on Internet.

Open Source Intelligence Module 2 (advanced level)

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Collaborators and managers of the following services:

  • Human resources;
  • Legal and audit services;
  • Police, investigation and security, fraud, compliance;
  • Marketing and communication;
  • Sales and purchases;
  • Administrative and diplomatic staff.
  • Discover the difference between visible and invisible web and understand current cyber threats;
  • Discover how to protect your privacy on Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Learn how to use Google accurately and efficiently in its research, including with images;
  • Understand how to install and use extensions in its browser to investigate.
  • Internet: how it works, history, cookies, visible / invisible web;
  • Cyber threats;
  • Protect your privacy on Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Basic Internet search;
  • How to configure your browser;
  • Investigating images: basic tools;
  • Finding the owner of a website;
  • Dark web: demo.

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