This one-day course will teach you the basic concepts of Internet research, explain the types of digital traces left by a user, and introduce you to the fundamental notions of cyber threats and your own protection on the Internet.

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Any person using the Internet to do online searches (even basic ones), people who are sensitive about their private life and would like to discover the different opportunities that the Internet offers in their daily life.

  • Discover the difference between visible and invisible web and understand current cyber threats;
  • Discover how to protect your privacy on the Internet;
  • Learn how to use efficiently Google;
  • Learn how to investigate social networks;
  • Learn how to investigate images and websites;
  • Understand how to install and use extensions in its browser to investigate.
  • Basic knowledge on how to use a PC and the Internet.
  • Internet: how it works, history, cookies, visible/invisible web;
  • Cyber threats;
  • Protect your privacy on the Internet;
  • Basic Internet search;
  • Basic research on social networks;
  • How to configure your browser;
  • Investigating images: basic tools;
  • Finding the owner of a website;
  • Dark web: demo.

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