Open Source Intelligence – Research & investigation on the web (advanced level)

This one-day advanced training course allows participants to exploit the possibilities offered by the Internet through methodological tools and advanced research techniques.

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Collaborators and managers of the following services:

  • Human resources;
  • Legal and audit services;
  • Police, investigation, and security;
  • Fraud and compliance;
  • Marketing and communication;
  • Sales and purchases;
  • Administrative and diplomatic staff.
  • Understand how to protect one’s virtual identity during the investigation;
  • Deepen search techniques on Google and discover other research tools;
  • Establish a methodology for research, processing, and storage of information;
  • Discover how to investigate in major social networks (including Facebook);
  • Understand the Bitcoins and the Dark web.

To have taken the course OSINT Standard Module.

  • How to protect one’s anonymity on the web?
  • Advanced search technology on Google and other tools;
  • Research methodology: Intelligence cycle, data collected management tools;
  • Quality of information sources and methodological biases;
  • Investigation of social networks;
  • Dark web and cryptocurrencies;
  • Investigation of images: advanced tools;
  • Investigation of emails, phone numbers, and usernames.

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