Training of managers, supervising employees in direct contact with the public.

This day allows you to acquire the necessary elements to manage at best your collaborators having to manage situations of stress facing an unknown public. The aim is to understand the situation experienced by employees, to help them to cross the path and to put in place the necessary measures to prevent unnecessary stress.

Our Training Courses

  • Any manager managing employees able to be confronted with the public (reception, point of sale, service, counter, support …);
  • Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge.
  • Understand the impact of stress on daily work;
  • Detect risk behaviors;
  • Understand the different cultural approaches;
  • Improve one’s capacity for empathy and objective response;
  • Understand the means of alert and debriefing;
  • Increase your self-confidence and others;
  • Contribute to better security.
  • The fundamentals (reminder)
    • From stress to violence
    • Manage the other while managing oneself
    • Detect unreported behavior
  • How to contribute to conflict resolution
    • The role of management
    • The responsibilities of management
    • Alternative solutions
  • The different types of situations (adjustable according to the public)
    • Practical exercises
    • Role play
    • Situations
  • To alert
    • Within the organization
    • State services
    • Psychological support
  • Debrief
    • With the collaborator, with a team
    • Hot debriefs
    • Cold debriefs
  • It is recommended to follow the Level 1 training first;
  • Willingness to limit his own stress and that of his collaborators;
  • Willingness to resolve conflicts with a serene approach;
  • Appetence for the material.
  • A very short theoretical input to help the general understanding of the problem and each of its main aspects, followed by a succession of illustrated examples, exercises, role plays and other scenarios;
  • Encouraged participation of trainees.

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