Learn to evolve in an unsecured world and learn about security issues.

This intensive course will allow the auditors in three days to acquire the bases necessary for a good understanding of the stakes of security.

In a world marked by crime, terrorism, industrial espionage, cyber-crime, the risks associated with numerous movements, learning the basics of security issues can better protect themselves. The culture of a modern enterprise includes this concept of protection of goods and people, each of whom is a major player.

Our Training Courses

  • Any member of a security / security team;
  • Any employee of a known or anticipated risk company;
  • Any employee traveling regularly;
  • Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge.
  • Understand the fundamentals of crime and terrorism;
  • Put the risks of crime into context;
  • Understand the threats and risks businesses face;
  • Seize the meaning of industrial espionage, data theft, economic intelligence;
  • Develop good practices that contribute to the overall protection of the business;
  • Improve its incident response capability.

Day 1 – Morning: General Introduction

  • Definition of the concept of security / safety
  • Security, insecurity and feelings of insecurity
  • Philosophers to technicians
    • Geopolitical history of security
  • From Antiquity to today: the constants
  • From the individual to the state
  • From the weight of security in the sovereign approach of the State to the privatization of security

Day 1 – Afternoon: Organized crime and terrorism

  • Organized Crime
    • Security of people and property
    • The mafias
    • The fight against organized crime
  • Terrorism
    • Definition of terrorism
    • The major terrorist movements
    • The fight against terrorism
  • How to put organized crime and terrorism into perspective

Day 2 – Morning: Defense, Intelligence and States – Strategies

  • Link between organized crime, terrorism and States
    • Security beyond borders
    • International organizations for the defense of peace and security
  • Security policies
    • For a global and transversal approach to security
    • Public policies, the human being at the heart of the debate

Day 2 – Afternoon: Which security for tomorrow? New trends, impact for companies.

  • New trends
    • Cybersecurity
    • Safety and health
    • Security and environment
  • How to organize the security of a company
    • Challenges
    • Players (private, public)
    • Organizational patterns

Day 3 – Morning: Exercises

  • Practical exercise to think about enterprise security based on distinct models
  • Role play game

Day 3 – Afternoon: New ways for managing security in companies

  • Global management (from risk management to crisis management)
  • Biometrics, geolocation, remote security
  • Technical management of building
  • Conclusion of the 3 days: towards better security
  • Appetence for security;
  • Will to get an overview of security issues.
  • Alternation of lectures, illustrated examples and exercises;
  • Each day ends with a perspective to review the elements discussed and to confront the practical realities and daily life experienced by trainees; the perspective can take the form of exercise or role play;
  • Encouraged participation of trainees.
  • A certificate of participation is issued at the end of a day of course really and fully followed.

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The Next 3 Courses

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