Training of staff likely to face mobbing or sexual harassment or people volunteer to understand and identify cases of harassment and mobbing within their company.

This day allows you to acquire the necessary elements to identify cases of harassment, to understand if you are a victim, to understand what can lead to becoming a stalker, to know how to prevent and react.

Our Training Courses

  • Any senior staff member to the employee who may be exposed to such experiences;
  • Anyone who wants to improve their knowledge.
  • Define harassment;
  • Understanding criminal issues;
  • Understand the risks for the company;
  • Improve its ability to detect this type of incident;
  • Understand the appropriate response means;
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • The fundamentals
    • Definition of harassment (moral / sexual …)
    • Understand and anticipate
  • The different types of situations (adjustable according to the public)
    • Practical exercises
    • Role play
    • Situations
  • How to behave abroad and / or in a multicultural environment
    • Practical exercises
    • Role play
    • Situations
  • Alert-Understand
    • Enlightening behaviors
    • Social networks and powder trail
    • From internal reporting to the filing of a complaint
  • How to handle harassment cases
    • Author / victim
    • Identify
    • Treat
  • To regain faith
    • For oneself
    • For the company
    • To prevent new cases
  • Willingness to resolve conflicts through a serene approach;
  • Appetence for the material;
  • A Level 2 can follow this training to help executives identify and manage staff in these situations.
  • A very short theoretical input to help the general understanding of the problem and each of its main aspects followed by a succession of illustrated examples, exercises, role plays and other scenarios;
  • Encouraged participation of trainees.
  • A certificate of participation is issued at the end of a day of course really and fully followed.

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